This place is awesome! I have been training at Fitness Ring for about four months and in that time, I’ve seen real improvement in my fitness and general health and well-being. I’m now healthier than I have ever been and feel fantastic. It is 100% due to Fitness Ring.

Nick, Tonia and Luke are all incredibly encouraging, positive, knowledgeable and motivating. They are super-supportive and patient and able to clearly explain and demonstrate the finer and more technical aspects of boxing, as well as health and fitness more broadly.

I’ve loved being able to learn a new skill, whilst working-out and getting healthier at the same time.

All sessions are upbeat, challenging, fun and are attended by a really great group of people. Nick’s sense of humor and positive attitude is infectious and you can’t help but to have great time. I also find the sessions to be incredibly therapeutic and an amazing way to relieve stress and tension. Each time I finish a session, I feel better than I did before I started, and am genuinely looking forward to coming back.

The sessions are short and sharp and perfect for those who don’t have a lot of spare time. The studio itself is very well equipped and its funky design creates a really engaging environment to train in.

Tonia and Nick do a great job in managing the studio and ensuring that everyone feels a part of it, regardless of their level of fitness.

I can’t recommend Fitness Ring highly enough!


Nick and Tonia's boxing training is fun and they gets results. I have been training with "The Terror" for about 6 years and he has taught me some great boxing skills and had a great time along the way. The fitness aspect is the main reason I have gone as I have absolutely no aspirations of actually getting in the ring. I have recently invited my sales team to a group session (male and female) and everyone had a blast. For group sessions, look no further.



It's my pleasure to highly recommend Nick and TonIa at Fitness Ring in Richmond.
Great people, great gym, and Nick is just the best trainer.
A seriously good personal training boxing workout -cardio, fitness, speed, strength, etc.
And Tonya and Nick are terrific people - friendly, caring, and absolutely focused on getting the very best results for their clients.



"Nick & Tonia changed my life.... Fairly bold statement I know but that's the results I achieved with them. Nick is an outstanding trainer in both boxing and kickboxing he understands what works and what doesn't. My wife and I both trained with him and we weren't there to be trained fighters just to lose weight and feel good and Nick's mixture and variety in training helped achieve a level of conditioning which is now maintainable. 
I would recommend Nick and Tonia without hesitation!"



Nick is a total professional in the area of fitness training and is totally commited to the objective of reaching our desired goal. He is an expert in boxing training and can be relied upon to achieve your personal results. I am pleased to provide Nick with this recommendation without any hesitation.


It’s a credit to Nick/Fitness Ring that I seem to have accidentally formed a training habit.  Every week Nick makes us feel a million dollars on the way in and totally stuffed on the way out.  Life’s busy, it’s hard to find time to exercise. Every week though, we’re in with Nick.  It’s been fifteen years now! And we’ve never felt better!



I train twice a week with Nick and the benefits have been terrific. Not only am I fitter and stronger, I am also more mentally alert. The training regime is varied and Nick has an uncanny knack of pushing you a little more each week.  I highly recommend joining up.


I have been training at Fitness Ring with Nick for over 6 years and it’s awesome.  Every session is different and I’ve gone from zero fitness to feeling great.  As far as stress relief goes there’s nothing better than getting in the ring rather than running on a treadmill staring at a TV screen with no sound…  Highly recommend it.





Huge congratulations to the husband and wife team of Nick and Tonia.
I have been coming to Fitness Ring on a regular basis for the last 8 months and have been thrilled with the results that I have achieved so far. 
Nick's ability to explain and motivate those new to boxing is first class. He has a fun yet professional style that creates a safe, motivating environment. He is able to differentiate the classes to best fit the needs of all those attending. You are extended the right way and supported through all the boxing and kick-boxing exercises.
Tonia has started her own strength classes of late and I have found them quite challenging. She is not afraid to push all those with her but mixes her forceful instruction with kind and cheerful understanding. Her all-round general knowledge on diet and well-being makes her the perfect addition to a functioning gym. 
Those who are prepared to stick at an exercise and health routine will not be disappointed with Fitness Ring.



Since training at Fitness Ring, I have lost over 10 kilos, drastically improved by fitness and now feel like my body is actually transforming. Most importantly too, having been guilty of short bursts of dedication to eating and fitness plans to lose weight for major events (only to put it back on again!), I now feel like I truly have found something that I love and is sustainable in the long term. Boxing with Nick is extremely challenging and seems to get harder each session, but so rewarding as you feel you are perfecting a skill rather than simply exercising. And, Tonia’s fantastic nutrition advice and real support provides amazing ongoing motivation.

If you want results, (and are prepared to work for it), I would highly recommend visiting Fitness Ring!



I have really battled with my weight for my entire life.  I was always overweight through my school years and something that I was/am always conscious about. When I was 20 years old and weighing 133kgs I finally made a decision to do something about it and proceeded to lose 43kgs, and kept the weight off for about 4 years.  I felt so much better and vowed never to go back to where I was. In 2006 I started my business, The Golf Clearance Outlet and this occupied all my time and really took over my life.  However each year that passed saw me gain weight. I kept saying to myself that I need to do something but never did and slowly began putting all my weight back on. I needed to get motivated as I was really down about my weight.  I've always had a love for boxing in particular Rocky Balboa, so I decided I wanted to start boxing to get fit and lose the weight again. When googling I came across Fitness Ring and the things that drew me to give them a call was that the training studio looked exactly like what I had pictured in my head.  Plus Nick was actually a former boxer. Upon giving them a call, Nick and Tonia have helped me every step of the way in setting and achieving my goals.  It's been amazing!  Nick pushes me in the ring to get the most out of my training sessions and also mixes it up, as I never knew the value of weight training for weight loss. Tonia has been fantastic in keeping me motivated, disciplined and also changing my diet! The best thing is that I'm now feeling so good, having lost 21kgs so far I am totally confident that Nick & Tonia will help me get the remaining 11Kgs off. I am more confident than ever that I now have the tools to keep this weight off forever! If you are thinking about losing weight, then I highly recommend the team at Fitness Ring as they have really helped change my lifestyle and got me feeling much better about myself!



I have been taking 2 weekly sessions with Nick for the past eight years and have enjoyed them immensely. I found my strength, stamina and flexibility have improved and Nick is great at getting you to do that extra 10%. 

My daughters have also been having regular sessions and enjoy Nick’s approach and humor. They have noticed their strength and fitness improving and they feel much more confident. 

I can highly recommend Fitness Ring!!


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