A new season has rolled around, the days start to get shorter and it is no longer light in the morning when you head to training. Perhaps you are someone who trains at night and now since the days seem shorter, that perhaps you don't have time to get to class. The funny thing is that there is still the same amount of time in one day, this hasn't changed.


Your mindset has.

Take a moment whilst you are reading this, and have a think. A real think - what exactly are the words going through your mind when you decide to cancel your sessions? Are they along the lines of: "I can't be bothered?" or "I will make it up another time" or "I need to pick up the kids" - be honest with yourself and write some of your excuses down.

Then next to your excuses, make a note of whether they are actually legitimate OR whether it is laziness. If it is the latter, there is something we can do about it!

The thing is, that sometimes we can get ourselves into a bit of a rut/holding pattern - it happens with exercise, diet and a host of other things that take commitment and dedication. We know what is good for us and yet we start to make decisions that are not in line with our vision for ourself. The key is to know exactly what these bullshit excuses are, so we can better identify them when they pop up, acknowledge them and then make an HONEST decision about what you should do next.

For example: 

Scenario: Alarm goes off at 5:20am. You have a class scheduled at 6am. 

Brain: "Ahhh but it is no nice and warm in this didn't get enough sleep and you need your sleep in order to train well, so maybe you should cancel and go later"

Reality - This is true, we DO need sleep - but your brain is smart and it will find an excuse that COULD be legitimate (like not getting enough sleep), but maybe you have had 8 hours of good sleep and are in total ability to train that morning? This is the critical moment where you need to notice the thought and ascertain its level on the bullshit scale. 

Changing mindset takes time, like anything - but if you want to get the best results and keep your momentum flowing then understanding one's own mindset is a part of this training. We will have more information and techniques about mindset and mindfulness training coming up on the blog soon, so stay tuned. 

If you are in a bit of an excuse rut, have a chat to our resident bullshit remover, Tonia Tetoros - you can get in touch with her here.