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Having a fitness regime and the attitude of being the best version of you is a beautiful thing that can change every element of your life in a positive way. But some people never take the time to truly understand what it is they want out of their fitness program. Taking the time to set goals is a gift you can give yourself to start the new year on the right foot.

Below are some tips to help you figure out how to set goals, and to achieve them.

1. Start today

You do not need to wait until the 1st January - or winter, or summer - to set your goals - although people are in a collective mindset to get in shape after indulging during Christmas. Grab a new journal from the shop and a pen and start now…. RIGHT NOW.

2. Articulate your targets

Be really honest and clear, and avoid things like: “I want to lose weight” or “I want more flexibility.” This is the great thing about health and fitness: It is a rolling checklist and doesn't need to stop once you are able to do the splits. Once that goal is met, move on and start conquering more.

3. Use the MAT rule for your goals:

Measurable: Whether that means weighing yourself, testing your body fat, or doing some kind of assessment/evaluation. Keep a journal as a record of everything you’re doing to achieve your goal (e.g. workouts, diet, goals). Use that awesome journal you have just bought :) 

Achievable: Be realistic. If you are 65 and are thinking of starting a professional career as a kickboxer, then instead perhaps just work towards being able to adeptly hold pads and perfecting your roundhouse so you can be an awesome training partner for someone else (someone perhaps 40 years younger!)

Timed: Goals are dreams with a deadline. Set a specific and realistic time to hit them.

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4. Make sacrifices

If you want something bad enough, you need to make sacrifices. That might mean getting up earlier in the morning to make your workout, or leaving the office on time to get to an evening class. What are you willing to give up right now in order to achieve your goals? 

5. Tell your mates

Telling your friends about your goals is an awesome way to have a little extra support. Not only will this hold you accountable, it'll also help you find out who really does want you to succeed. People who want to see you successful will be encouraging and optimistic. 

6. Move your body everyday

What are some small daily steps that will create the momentum needed to ignite the drive in your mind and body. Eg: take the stairs instead of the lift, cycle to work, get a stand up desk.

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Take the time to follow these steps, be honest with yourself and you will find that not only will your fitness improve, your life will as well - stress, sleep and energy levels all have direct correlation to how much you move that body!

Our first 6 Week Challenge for 2018 starts Feb 3rd -  register here to secure your place!

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