What a year it has been for us at Fitness Ring. Another year of our clients working hard, sweating and challenging themselves and finding results from technique to weight loss and to attaining overall health in body and mind. One of the things we pride ourselves on here at Fitness Ring is providing a fun and inclusive environment where people can be themselves and thrive in a supportive community – all the while having fun.

We thought we would share some of the highlights and the stories from our little laneway boutique boxing studio set in the outskirts of Richmond.

Over the year we have held four fitness challenges, and collectively our clients have lost over 100kgs across the four! We were amazed at the passion and dedication of our people, turning up and making their goals a reality. To say we are proud is an understatement!


Some laughs we would like to share:

  • Funny things you find in the lane: I was leaving after my session with Nick and spotted a lacy pair of black and red knickers in the lane. I picked them up on the end of a stick and took them into the gym asking if they belonged to any clients or trainers! Lots of laughter all round!” – Ruth


  • In response to Tonya Davidson complaining about her former trainer who used to make her do exercises with medicine balls for conditioning, Nick said “What, did you hate him because he used to make you slam balls all day?


  • We have all punched ourselves in the face from time to time when training, and yes – it is always a laugh. Resident weapon Vivien when training with Luke one on one threw one of her famous jabs followed by a powerful uppercut to her very own face whilst shadow boxing with, well, herself.


  • So the Tigers won, which meant that the whole studio was covered in black and yellow streamers and Grand Final fold outs (see image below if you don't believe me) for about, well... two months. People kept getting tangled in the streamers but no one seemed to care. How Nick got a hold of over 50 of these fold outs also remains one of life's great mysteries.  


  • Meni miraculously managed to pull a hamstring warming up, and spent his whole hour with Nick lying on the floor of the ring. Luckily, the injury did not however impact his capacity to tell dirty jokes. See video below #gold

And well, these:



We wish all of our clients a safe, happy and amazing Christmas and look forward to seeing you all fresh faced and ready to rumble in 2018. What better time to get your goals into focus than joining up for our next fitness challenge, starting in the first week of February! To register, get in contact with Tonia.

Lots of love,

Nick, Tonia, Luke and Caz