Voted by GQ Magazine as Top Ten Boxing Gyms In Melbourne

Fitness Ring has been voted by GQ Magazine as one of the top 10 Boxing Gyms in Melbourne.

"Our pick of the boxing gyms in Melbourne to give you the best chance of getting a battle-ready body even Floyd Mayweather would be proud of.

When it comes to leaning on a particular discipline to get fit, boxing stands tall. Not only does it increases muscle tone and improve flexibility, it also increases upper body strength and shreds excess fat like a Lamborghini's tyres on Philip Island race track...

As a workout, it has been shown to raise metabolic rate for a full 48 hours following a brutal session, making it far more efficient at burning calories than that half-arsed morning run you insist on replicating once a week."

Whether you’re looking for a boxing gym in Melbourne that offers quality training for beginners or bespoke mentoring fit for seasoned fighters, look no further than the GQ Directory.

Boxing Gym: Fitness Ring

Location: Richmond


Selling Point: Run by an ex-world champion boxer, Fitness Ring is a boxing studio that offers classes that can be customised for all fitness levels and is perfect for first time boxers. They also offer a bunch of functional classes such as HIIT, TRX, Total Abs, and Functional Training giving it a well rounded feel for a variety of fit freaks.

Membership cost: $45/week.