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As somebody who leads a largely sedentary lifestyle my energy consumption needs are definitely on the low side, so it always interests me to see what other people eat each day and how they keep their energy levels up. So far we've heard from a couple of nutritionists and people who are very specific about the food they put into their mouths (I promise I'll try to balance it out with some pastry chefs or something soon!) so I was curious to see how their diets would stack up against someone who exercises for a living and needs to be able to keep their energy levels punching through the roof.

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Tonia Bouzetos is the general manager of Melbourne's Fitness Ring Boutique Boxing Studio (you may remember them from when I attempted boxing last year!) and since she spends her whole day putting people through their paces she takes the whole "food is fuel" thing very seriously — otherwise she'd never make it through her day! When you're training hard and exercising frequently existing on carb-free diets and mini meals is simply going to make you burn out, so Tonia makes sure she balances those carbs with lots of protein for slow burn energy hits.

Here's what her daily meal plan looks like:

Breakfast: Chia wrap with egg white omelette, mushrooms, tomato, hummus and one slice of melon. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and kickstarts my metabolism so I make sure to have lots of protein to keep me satisfied for longer.

Morning Snack: Skinny latte, 1/2 cold mango, 2 glasses of water. This is my go-to pre-training snack that gives me lots of energy to get me through a high intensity cardio session.

Lunch: Small baked sweet potato, tin of tuna, 2 cups purple cabbage salad with carrots, red capsicum, and cucumber. I pick vibrant colours in foods to ensure I take advantage of their high amounts of vitamins and nutrients.

Afternoon Snack: 1 cup of berries and a Bar Counter Choc Brownie Protein Bar — it’s stopped my chocolate cravings and they're low calorie and high protein, plus they taste amazing.

Dinner: Baked salmon, one cup brown rice cooked in vegetable stock, broccolini drizzled in lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil.

If I'm still hungry: Chobani Greek yogurt lemon flavour topped with a handful of blueberries and 1 tbsp toasted almonds.

Head over to Fitness Ring to find out more about their classes and personal training sessions.

What are your thoughts her eating plan? Do you have any questions for Tonia Bouzetos? Chuck them in the comments below and we'll get you an answer!