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Exercise test dummy:

Boxing classes at Fitness Ring

With so many different exercise options out there these days, hating the gym is no longer a good enough reason to not get moving. So to inspire you to try new things, our chronically unfit lifestyle editor is lacing up her runners and trying out every type of exercise we can find in Melbourne — from Yoga to Boot Camps and every crazy thing in between.

Got a class you want us to try for you? Hit up the comments and we'll give it a go. Think of her as your exercise guinea pig.

Boxing classes at Fitness Ring (Richmond)

After several weeks of yoga classes I started to feel like I might need to explore the side of fitness that gets your heart pumping and leaves your legs feeling like jelly (because we all benefit from one of those workouts every once in a while), but I may have been a little bit enthusiastic about jumping straight into a boxing class.

Boxing is one of those styles of exercise that I've always wanted to try but never had the guts. The exercises are amazing for getting rid of blossoming bingo wings and toning everything up, which is really what I feel like I should be looking for in a workout these days.

The great thing about Fitness Ring's group boxing classes is that you have a mixture of men and women in both the participants (although I'd say the class I was in had more women than men) and your teachers so there's none of that hyper-masculine aggressiveness that scares a lot of women away from the boxing ring. It was just a fun — although incredibly difficult — hour spent learning new skills to some pumping good tunes and having a laugh with some other beginners.

What should you expect from a boxing class? Well, firstly you'll be kept on your toes for most of the class — literally — and will be exhausted when it's over. Even after I took off my gloves I felt like I had massive weights tied to my hands. You will also work every muscle in your body (my calves were especially sore for a few days afterwards!) and sweat like it's going out of business.

I'm not going to sugar coat it: boxing is damn hard work. It also strengthens, tones and gives you an excellent cardio workout so if you start going religiously you will definitely see results in quite a short time. If you're looking for a challenging and effective workout I definitely recommend boxing and if Fitness Ring was a little bit closer to my house I'd be going all the time!

One thing to note is that Fitness Ring requires you to bring your own wraps/gloves to class for hygiene reasons — your hands will be disgustingly sweaty at the end of the session and you don't want to think about how many people have contributed their sweat to your gloves before you stuck your hands in there.

Head over to boxingtrainingclassesmelbourne.com.au to find out more about their studio, classes and personal training on offer at Fitness Ring.