Voted by GQ Magazine as Top Ten Boxing Gyms In Melbourne

Fitness Ring has been voted by GQ Magazine as one of the top 10 Boxing Gyms in Melbourne.

"Our pick of the boxing gyms in Melbourne to give you the best chance of getting a battle-ready body even Floyd Mayweather would be proud of.

When it comes to leaning on a particular discipline to get fit, boxing stands tall. Not only does it increases muscle tone and improve flexibility, it also increases upper body strength and shreds excess fat like a Lamborghini's tyres on Philip Island race track...

As a workout, it has been shown to raise metabolic rate for a full 48 hours following a brutal session, making it far more efficient at burning calories than that half-arsed morning run you insist on replicating once a week."

Whether you’re looking for a boxing gym in Melbourne that offers quality training for beginners or bespoke mentoring fit for seasoned fighters, look no further than the GQ Directory.

Boxing Gym: Fitness Ring

Location: Richmond


Selling Point: Run by an ex-world champion boxer, Fitness Ring is a boxing studio that offers classes that can be customised for all fitness levels and is perfect for first time boxers. They also offer a bunch of functional classes such as HIIT, TRX, Total Abs, and Functional Training giving it a well rounded feel for a variety of fit freaks.

Membership cost: $45/week.

The Urban List - Melbourne's Best Boxing Studios



Melbourne’s Best Boxing Studios

By Ellen Seah - 15 Oct 2016

Boxing has recently remerged with its fists flying. Top supermodels including Gigi Hadid, Karlie Kloss and Chanel Iman (hello, body goals) swear by boxing workouts for good reason.

Along with blasting fat and improving coordination, this high intensity workout is also known for developing muscles in the right spots – aka those elusive abs. Strap on your hand wraps ladies, here are the best places to jab away that stubborn fat.

Fitness Ring


Run by an ex-world champion boxer, don’t be scared to jump into the ring with Fitness Ring. Boxing classes can be incorporated with early bird boot camp classes, suspension training or high intensity interval training.

Most classes can be customised for all fitness levels, so you don’t have to worry if you’re sceptical about doing more than five straight minutes of exercise. Personal training is also available if you need some extra work on your uppercut!  


Drop Dead Gorgeous



As somebody who leads a largely sedentary lifestyle my energy consumption needs are definitely on the low side, so it always interests me to see what other people eat each day and how they keep their energy levels up. So far we've heard from a couple of nutritionists and people who are very specific about the food they put into their mouths (I promise I'll try to balance it out with some pastry chefs or something soon!) so I was curious to see how their diets would stack up against someone who exercises for a living and needs to be able to keep their energy levels punching through the roof.

WANT MORE? If you liked checking out what Tonia Bouzetos eats each day, then see more here.

Tonia Bouzetos is the general manager of Melbourne's Fitness Ring Boutique Boxing Studio (you may remember them from when I attempted boxing last year!) and since she spends her whole day putting people through their paces she takes the whole "food is fuel" thing very seriously — otherwise she'd never make it through her day! When you're training hard and exercising frequently existing on carb-free diets and mini meals is simply going to make you burn out, so Tonia makes sure she balances those carbs with lots of protein for slow burn energy hits.

Here's what her daily meal plan looks like:

Breakfast: Chia wrap with egg white omelette, mushrooms, tomato, hummus and one slice of melon. Breakfast is the most important meal of the day and kickstarts my metabolism so I make sure to have lots of protein to keep me satisfied for longer.

Morning Snack: Skinny latte, 1/2 cold mango, 2 glasses of water. This is my go-to pre-training snack that gives me lots of energy to get me through a high intensity cardio session.

Lunch: Small baked sweet potato, tin of tuna, 2 cups purple cabbage salad with carrots, red capsicum, and cucumber. I pick vibrant colours in foods to ensure I take advantage of their high amounts of vitamins and nutrients.

Afternoon Snack: 1 cup of berries and a Bar Counter Choc Brownie Protein Bar — it’s stopped my chocolate cravings and they're low calorie and high protein, plus they taste amazing.

Dinner: Baked salmon, one cup brown rice cooked in vegetable stock, broccolini drizzled in lemon juice and extra virgin olive oil.

If I'm still hungry: Chobani Greek yogurt lemon flavour topped with a handful of blueberries and 1 tbsp toasted almonds.

Head over to Fitness Ring to find out more about their classes and personal training sessions.

What are your thoughts her eating plan? Do you have any questions for Tonia Bouzetos? Chuck them in the comments below and we'll get you an answer!

TimeOut - 7th July 2015

Fitness Ring

  Group classes

Fitness Ring is a boxing gym with world-class trainers, like former World Kickboxing Champion, Nick Tetoros. They offer group boxing sessions, personal boxing training, corporate group boxing and bootcamps. Group classes throughout the week specialize in a key type of boxing training like kickboxing, Muay Thai and traditional boxing.


Kickboxing Fitness & Weight Loss Program

Kickboxing Fitness & Weight Loss Program

Article of interest....

When performed as a fitness and weight loss program, kickboxing provides a full-body workout that targets both improvements in cardiovascular endurance and muscular toning.

In addition, regularly performing a kickboxing exercise routine works all major muscle groups in a fun and energetic way and improves balance, coordination, flexibility and self-confidence.

Kickboxing is a combination of boxing, martial arts and aerobics, and encompasses a large variety of exercise types so the chances of getting bored are slim. While the workouts may be quite enjoyable and diverse, they are also very effective at providing a total-body workout that not only burns a reasonable number of calories, but tones the muscles as well.

The number of calories burned per exercise session varies according to your weight, intensity level, duration of your exercise session and types of exercises performed.

In general, you should expect to burn between 275 to 450 calories per each 30-minute session performed.

Types of Movements

Kickboxing weight loss programs incorporate movements from boxing, martial arts and aerobics. Some examples of the types of movements you can expect to perform when kickboxing are punches, kicks and jumps. These types of movements are performed in a series of sequences and drills, and in some cases on a punching bag.

Kickboxing fitness and weight loss programs tend to be a bit more advanced than some other exercise types, so it might not be the best choice for those who have physical limitations or are significantly out-of-shape. Kickboxing is a very vigorous activity and can be frustrating for those who do not have a good range of motion or a fair level of cardiovascular endurance.

Targeted Muscles

Kickboxing requires the use of all the muscle groups associated with the upper and lower body, including the core area. The legs become more toned and defined through the kicks and jumping movements. The core and torso area of the body is conditioned through the requirements to rotate, bend and support all movements and sequences that are performed. The back, shoulders and arms are conditioned through the movements that require punching and blocking.

This type of total-body approach works out the body fairly uniformly and produces a well-rounded set of results. The balance of exercise movements and sequences also makes kickboxing an effective exercise type for raising the heart rate, improving cardiovascular endurance and burning calories.

In order to perform several of the movements and sequences required in a kickboxing exercise routine, an individual must have a reasonable level of flexibility. As such,stretching is an important component of a kickboxing routine. This requirement leads to an improvement in muscle, ligament and tendon flexibility, and not only decreases the risk of pulled or strained muscles, but improves blood and oxygen flow as well.

Aerobic Effect

Individuals can achieve a very intense aerobic effect through the practice of kickboxing. Kickboxing works all of the major muscle groups of the body, increases the heart rate, increases oxygen intake requirements, and is an excellent choice in conditioning the entire cardiovascular system.

The large number and diverse combination of muscle groups worked together in kickboxing produces a high caloric expenditure value. Kickboxing is one of the more sweaty, intense and exhaustive exercise types when compared to many of the other cardiovascular exercise routines.

Required Equipment

The equipment required to participate in a kickboxing fitness and weight loss program varies depending on the format and type of kickboxing class. In most kickboxing class settings, the majority of the equipment should be provided for you. However, you should plan on wearing cool, dry, unrestricted clothing. In addition, you should also plan on bringing along a pair of kickboxing gloves, a water bottle and a small towel.

If you are going to practice kickboxing at home, you can pick up a DVD/VHS-based program relatively cheaply. You will need to purchase a firm floor mat. Many of the home kickboxing exercise programs require that you purchase a punching bag, so you will need to allocate space for that as well.


Kickboxing is a great way to tone your entire body and achieve an excellent cardiovascular workout. Kickboxing is a very intense, vigorous exercise type, so you will need to plan on bringing a high level of motivation and intensity to each workout. In addition, kickboxing offers a large variety of movements and sequences that many individuals find fun and engaging. By performing an exercise type that is diverse and incorporates a wide range of movements, your probability of sticking with the program improves dramatically.

A 150 pound person practicing kickboxing for 30 minutes per session can expect to burn between 325 and 450 calories. In many cases, this amount of calories will comprise around one-quarter of that person's daily caloric intake. This being the case, kickboxing is a highly effective addition to almost anyone's weight loss program.

Participating in an activity like kickboxing does more than just tone your muscles and work your cardiovascular system. Students must work on stretches to effectively and safely perform the workouts, so flexibility improves while participating in kickboxing. Kickboxing also helps improve balance and agility, making other activities easier to perform and injuries from muscle strains and falls less likely.

Kickboxing is also a fun activity. Many people enjoy it for the martial arts aspect without the dogma that comes with traditional forms. It is a very active, vigorous activity, and the individuals that participate are usually very enthusiastic and energetic. This attitude can be very contagious and helps motivate others to continue participating.

For all these reasons, kickboxing is an effective weight loss program that delivers solid results. While kickboxing is enjoyable, it's also very challenging as well. However, by continually challenging your body to perform movements that are increasingly difficult, true gains in your overall level of conditioning and fitness are achieved in a relatively short period of time.

For individuals that enjoy a fairly aggressive exercise routine that will continually challenge their overall fitness level, improve their coordination and balance, strengthen their cardiovascular system and tone their entire body, a kickboxing exercise program is worth considering.

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Tonia Speaks To DDG daily

Tonia speaks to DDg daily about finding a sport that you love. This will give you the drive you want in order to do it all the time and do it even better over time.  This will create consistency and you will see and feel results according to how much time you've spent. We see this all the time with our clients and praise them for their efforts. Checkout some more fitness tips here...

Fitness Ring Boxing Studio on Coxy's Big Break Ch.7



At Fitness Ring our aim is to provide affordable, cost effective and alternative fitness choices that will see you achieve overall personal fitness goals. We are 100% committed to helping you achieve your health and fitness goals. Our mission is to inspire you to lead a healthy lifestyle.

Get ready to have fun while you get fit!


Fitness Ring is situated in the heart of Richmond and close to Melbourne CBD, Hawt

horn, Camberwell, South Yarra, Toorak, Prahran, Collingwood, and Armadale. There's a tram stop right in front our our building.

Click here for location details and Google Map...


Please call Tonia 0407 961 874 or email

Exercise test dummy: Boxing classes at Fitness Ring by DDG Daily...

Exercise test dummy:

Boxing classes at Fitness Ring

With so many different exercise options out there these days, hating the gym is no longer a good enough reason to not get moving. So to inspire you to try new things, our chronically unfit lifestyle editor is lacing up her runners and trying out every type of exercise we can find in Melbourne — from Yoga to Boot Camps and every crazy thing in between.

Got a class you want us to try for you? Hit up the comments and we'll give it a go. Think of her as your exercise guinea pig.

Boxing classes at Fitness Ring (Richmond)

After several weeks of yoga classes I started to feel like I might need to explore the side of fitness that gets your heart pumping and leaves your legs feeling like jelly (because we all benefit from one of those workouts every once in a while), but I may have been a little bit enthusiastic about jumping straight into a boxing class.

Boxing is one of those styles of exercise that I've always wanted to try but never had the guts. The exercises are amazing for getting rid of blossoming bingo wings and toning everything up, which is really what I feel like I should be looking for in a workout these days.

The great thing about Fitness Ring's group boxing classes is that you have a mixture of men and women in both the participants (although I'd say the class I was in had more women than men) and your teachers so there's none of that hyper-masculine aggressiveness that scares a lot of women away from the boxing ring. It was just a fun — although incredibly difficult — hour spent learning new skills to some pumping good tunes and having a laugh with some other beginners.

What should you expect from a boxing class? Well, firstly you'll be kept on your toes for most of the class — literally — and will be exhausted when it's over. Even after I took off my gloves I felt like I had massive weights tied to my hands. You will also work every muscle in your body (my calves were especially sore for a few days afterwards!) and sweat like it's going out of business.

I'm not going to sugar coat it: boxing is damn hard work. It also strengthens, tones and gives you an excellent cardio workout so if you start going religiously you will definitely see results in quite a short time. If you're looking for a challenging and effective workout I definitely recommend boxing and if Fitness Ring was a little bit closer to my house I'd be going all the time!

One thing to note is that Fitness Ring requires you to bring your own wraps/gloves to class for hygiene reasons — your hands will be disgustingly sweaty at the end of the session and you don't want to think about how many people have contributed their sweat to your gloves before you stuck your hands in there.

Head over to to find out more about their studio, classes and personal training on offer at Fitness Ring.

Fitness Ring Boxing Studio on Coxy's Big Break Ch.7

Hear are some of the pictures and video taken during Coxy's Big Break where Fitness Ring entertained and trained ex Miss Australia a s part off Coxy's story on Woman's fitness and why they enjoy boxing as great environment to keep fit and learn some self defense at the same time.


The Age Article Boxing : the full-body power surge

Gone are the days when boxing was thought to be primarily a male domain. Now, more women than ever are lacing up their gloves and stepping into the ring – or at least hitting the heck out of a punch bag. After the inclusion of women's boxing in the London Olympics 110 years after it had featured previously, more and more women are taking up the sport. Whether you're facing off against an opponent, boxing pads or even utilising your legs in a kickboxing class, boxing is a great way to boost your mood, burn fat and build your self-confidence.

"Women are actually better boxers than men as they lead with their legs," says Matt Spooner, head coach at UFC Gym in Sydney, who also trains actor Leonardo DiCaprio. "Even a 60 kilogram woman can hit with a force of 40 kilograms," he says. "If a 90 kilogram man uses just his arms to box, he'll only achieve a force of around 10 kilograms. That's why women tend to be better boxers – they use their legs for power, whereas men rely on their arms."

A boxing class raises your metabolic rate for 48 hours after your training session. 

Power of the punch

Although boxing might seem to be just an upper-body exercise, it actually works your legs and core tremendously when the correct technique is used. "Boxing is especially good for toning and building strength and power in the chest, triceps, shoulders, midsection and the upper and lower back," says trainer Kris Etheridge, the owner of Kris Etheridge Fitness, a private training studio in Toorak, Victoria.

A typical class usually involves a 10-minute workout, followed by two three-minute rounds, followed by a short rest phase of 30 seconds to 60 seconds. "This sequence is usually repeated for the duration of the workout," Etheridge says.

And as women have found out, it's all about your technique, not necessarily strength, that makes them so good at boxing.

"Learning to box correctly is worth it," Spooner says. "Using your body correctly will ensure you're getting the most out of your workout and not wasting energy."

He suggests practising the following sequence to ensure your upper body isn't taking the brunt of a strike.

"Start from the ball of your foot, step forward and using your ankle, knee and hip you use your core to rotate and as you land on your foot, your punch should land on target. There should be very little effort required from your arm." By avoiding overuse of arm strength, you'll be able to avoid neck, shoulder and arm injuries.

Fighting fit

"Many athletes use boxing training to improve their power, strength and explosiveness, as well as to improve their anaerobic threshold," Etheridge says. "This is the rate at which their bodies can remove performance inhibitors such as lactic acid, allowing them to perform at a higher level for longer."

And if you're looking to melt fat, boxing is one of the highest calorie-burning exercises there is. "It uses all the muscles in the body," he says. "Plus it pushes your heart rate above what you could maintain for a sustained period of time, because you employ short rest periods to catch your breath briefly before pushing your heart rate back up." This process occurs for the entire duration of the exercise, allowing you to burn maximum calories, tone up and elevate your fitness.

The best news of all? "A boxing class raises your metabolic rate for 48 hours after your training session," Spooner says. Usually, your metabolic rate returns to near normal after ending aerobic exercise, such as walking or running. So that 680 calories you just burnt in an hour is just the start to a trimmer, more toned and stronger you.



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Box Class, various outdoor locations

Boxing Works, Surry Hills

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Melbourne Martial Arts Centre, Finders Street

Fitness Ring Boxing and Kickboxing Studio, Richmond

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Kris Etheridge Fitness, Toorak

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Hulking presence for Bob Rose Cup - HERALD SUN - June 2012

Hulking presence for Bob Rose Cup...

Bob Rose, holding the trophy named in his honour, with promoter Peter Maniatis and boxer Nick Tetoros in 2003. Picture: Peter Ward

FORMER Collingwood strongman Rene "The Incredible Hulk" Kink has become the official ambassador for the Bob Rose Cup, which on Friday night will again honour the boxing career of the late Magpie coach and champion player.

This photo with Rose, promoter Peter Maniatis and boxer Nick Tetoros, was taken on the eve of the first Bob Rose Cup in 2003. Rose died from cancer a couple of days later.

Boxing historians say Rose was a 16-year-old when he made his professional boxing debut at the West Melbourne Stadium on April 29, 1944, and beat Frank Darcey on points.

The last of his 15 fights was in 1950 when he lost for the first time on points over 10 rounds to Tommy Scott.

Michael "Pretty Boy" Zerafa will fight John Akauola at the Malvern Town Hall on Friday night for the Bob Rose Cup and the Victoria State Light Middleweight Title.

Tickets can be booked via

KO Boxing Show at Fitness Ring

KO Boxing Show channel 31 in Melbourne, Australia featuring Fitness Ring Boxing/Kickboxing/Muay Thai Studio in Richmond, Victoria. Watch Corporate BootCamp footage, Personal Boxing Training, Group Fitness Class Training. Trainer Nick Tetoros Professional boxer/kickboxer champion, owner of Fitness Ring.