May Newsletter - $29 Per Week Unlimited/New TRX Class

Unlimited Group Classes/Earlybird Boot Camp Classes only $29 per week

Get value for money.  Look no further then our Unlimited Group Class Flexi Pass. This pass is now available for $29/week with absolutely no joining or administrative fee's when you start. Join online today or simply download this form, fill it out, and bring it in to the studio to start straight away!

New Class - TRX Boxing Circuit Group Class

Starting Wednesday May 14th!

Exclusive to Fitness Ring! We've adopted the TRX Suspension Training and paired it up with boxing bag work to give you a new and exciting class. Checkout this short promo...

Trainer: Kate Kesans

Date/times: Wednesday's 6:30 - 7:30pm

Check out all the details of this amazing class.....

Pre-book your spot today!


Tonia's Weight Loss Tip.....

You're more likely to overeat and comsume more calories dining out which will lead to weight gain, feeling bloated, trouble sleeping, and not training efficiantly.

Try eating a green apple (with the peel) and drinking a tall glass of water a half hour before you go out. The peel is full of fibre and will trick you into being full.

Check out our Weight Loss page for more information...