Box Your Winter Blues Away...

Box your winter blues away...

Exercise is great for relieving everyday stresses in life.  It's vital for maintaining your weight and staying healthy. You’ll have more energy throughout the day, your mood will be improved, and you'll have more self confidence. Take control of your wellbeing this winter and feel amazing!


July Fitness Programs  

Strength Training Boot Camp

July 12 -19 (4 classes)

Price $75

Boxing Boot Camp (best way to get in shape for Summer)

July 22 - August 31 (24 classes)

Price $375

Don't delay - Secure Your Place Now at Melbourne's Friendliest & Result Driven Fitness Venue

*Flexi Passes accepted for ALL group classes*

Winter Special Offer - Buy 50 Group Class Pass and get a FREE Fitness Ring Hoodie (valued at $60)

Fitness Ring Hoodie

This practical hoodie is ideal to help keep you warm pre and post training during the winter months.  

The Fitness Ring Hoodie is a good quality hoodie that is locally made in Australia by our friends at Black and Blue.  Checkout our other great boxing clothes and equipment for sale next time you are at Fitness Ring. 

Conditions - For passes purchased (July 10 - August 31, 2013). Not redeemable for cash. Subject to availability.

Weight Loss Coaching

Did you know that Fitness Ring provides professional Weight Loss Coaching programs?

To help you achieve your personal fitness goals, Fitness Ring has provided you the option of a personalised Weight Loss Program.

These personlised Weight Loss Programs can be included with your current fitness program or via a private consultation.


- 70 - 80% of weight loss had to do with what you're eating

- You feel better on the inside and outside by tweaking your diet and lifestyle 

- Your training sessions will give you even better results! (Train more effectively)

Check Out This GREAT Testimonial 

I came across Fitness Ring back in November 2012, I had struggled with keeping weight off and I was frustrated with the lack of results I was achieving at a conventional gym. I signed up for the 6 week bootcamp and have never looked back! I am now 18 kilos down and the change in body shape has been amazing. Meeting Nick and Tonia has been life changing, Nick's passion for boxing and fitness is very motivating and is backed up perfectly with Tonia's health and wellbeing knowledge. The gym is a lot of fun, provides a sense of family and really does suit all fitness levels. I am in the best shape of my life and feel like I can take on the world!

Risk Manager 

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Boxing : the full-body power surge - The Age

Gone are the days when boxing was thought to be primarily a male domain. Now, more women than ever are lacing up their gloves and stepping into the ring – or at least hitting the heck out of a punch bag. After the inclusion of women's boxing in the London Olympics 110 years after it had featured previously, more and more women are taking up the sport. Whether you're facing off against an opponent, boxing pads or even utilising your legs in a kickboxing class, boxing is a great way to boost your mood, burn fat and build your self-confidence.   Read more...