October Newsletter 2013


The Ultimate in Boxing Training!

Spring is here and it's time to get you looking and feeling your best. It doesn't matter how long its been since you've trained. All that matters is your willingness and commitment to jump back on board and make the most of it!  And if you're currently training, then you can always step it up a notch or two! Don't look back at 2013 as the year where things didn't happen for you. Look at it in the face and start moving forward.  You will be fitter, stronger, lighter, healthier, and happier. .  Check out these testimonials...

NEW Group Classes - Value Flexi Passes - No Sign Up Fee's

It's the most popular time of year for training! Get more value with your Flexi Passes as we have added 2 more new group classes (Strength Training) in which we focus on a mix of cardio and strength training. The perfect recipe to lose weight and build muscle. It's a favorite with the girls... Check out our live timetable

Time to change it up and get fast results!

We recommend 3 classes a week and you'll be seeing and feeling results well before Christmas. Best of all, we offer this all to you without any commitment in exchange. Simply use your Flexi Pass by the session with it's expiry date and you're on the way to success.  Read on to see all Flexi Pass options!

Holiday Hours

Holiday Hours: 

Monday Nov 4, 2013 Closed (no Boot Camps/Classes)
Tuesday Nov 5, 2013 Closed



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