Fitness Ring Television Debut on Channel 31

Recently, we were lucky to have the Boxing Promoter of the Year Peter Maniatis, and radio identity/ boxing announcer Howard Lee pay a visit to Fitness Ring...

Fitness Ring Television Debut on Channel 31  

boxing tv chanel 31.jpg
Picture taken during the taping of the TV KO Boxing Show at Fitness Ring last week.

The show that catches all the action is on Tuesday, April 19 at 10PM 

It features our corporate Team Red Rock participating in boot camp training.  Peter spoke to Nick about his professional career and spoke to Tonia about female training at Fitness Ring.

Peter Maniatis hosts TV KO BOXING SHOW on Channel 31 Tuesday nights 10pm and Saturdays at noon, with over 100,000 viewers per show for the best part of the last seven years with over 300 shows.


Peter Maniatis has been promoting boxing and managing boxers since 1998. He has travelled all over the world checking out the boxing scene. The first boxer he managed was Nick Tetoros who achieved #8 WBO world rating.

For more info on Corporate Training:- Click here

For more info on female training: - Click here

Special thanks to Peter Maniatis , Howard Lee, David (camera guy), Red Rock Consulting, and Kristian.


Best wishes,

Nick and Tonia