Corporate Boot Camp is tailored made to suit your individual company needs. Just tell us what sort of training you’re looking for and we will custom design a program to suit the needs for your team.

Did you know, research has shown that people who exercise on work days, particularly before work or during breaks, suffer less stress, feel happier and are more productive than on days where they do not exercise?

Did you also know that employees who participate in workplace fitness programs are more loyal to their employer and they miss less work than non participating co-workers?

What we guarantee in your Boot Camp Package

- Our combination of cardio and weight training will give you quick and effective results

- Each session will be different and unique

- Programs are designed to keep the motivation high with enjoyable workouts

- Teach you the art of boxing, kickboxing, thai boxing, weight training, TRX

- Professional qualified trainers

We are also happy to assist with any competitions you may want to put on as incentive to your staff.

Here are some of the amazing benefits that you and your employees will experience at Fitness Ring Corporate Boot Camps:

Team Building  

Most businesses are now catching on the trend of participating in positive team building activities.

Giving people the opportunity to interact outside the usual office environment gives colleagues the opportunity to blow off some steam together and perhaps encourage closer social ties as well.

By showing your company is prepared to make the effort and show concern for the overall well-being of your employees, not just their performance at work, this would give greater job satisfaction and therefore strengthen staff loyalty.


You will notice great improvement in a short time at how much higher your energy levels will be, by simply adding exercise in your daily routine.  By participating in Fitness Ring's.  Boxing/Kickboxing Boot Camp, each session will always be different and we will work every part of your body to its maximum potential.  This will give you even more energy and strength. Without energy it's difficult to be able to bounce out of morning and start your day on a positive note.  No matter what industry you work in, everyone benefits by having more energy.  More energy = higher commissions, great customer service, getting a lot more work done in your day, and increased revenue, to name a few...   


Energy and enthusiasm go hand in hand.  It is most important in any business for employees to have enthusiasm.  No doubt we will coach you to train hard, but we will also make it a fun environment and always encourage participation with a smile.  With employees having a higher level of enthusiasm, this will benefit your business in many positive ways such as providing outstanding customer service to your customers, achieving higher sales figures, creating and maintaining a fun and encouraging team environment, and overall better relationships with everyone involved. 

Decrease Number of Sick Days

People who exercise regularly feel sick almost 30% less often than non-exercisers

Health Benefits

Extensive research has shown that regular physical activity performed on most days of the week reduces the risk of developing or dying from some of the leading causes of illness and death.

• Reduces the risk of dying prematurely. 

• Reduces the risk of developing diabetes. 

• Reduces the risk of developing high blood pressure. 

• Helps reduce blood pressure in people who already have high blood pressure.

• Reduces the risk of developing colon cancer. 

• Reduces feelings of depression and anxiety. 

• Helps control weight. 

• Helps build and maintain healthy bones, muscles, and joints. 

• Promotes psychological well-being.


There are very few sports that will give you an instant confidence boost like boxing/kickboxing for both males/females and even kids.  In the workplace, confidence is a must when you are in a sales position, management, position, receptionist position, etc.    You must be confident in your product/services to make a sale otherwise your consumer will doubt what you have to offer and go elsewhere.

Higher confidence = success!!!  

Good Nights Sleep 

Exercise can improve the quality of your sleep. More specifically, exercise can make your sleep deeper –- meaning that your sleep will be more refreshing and you will be less likely to wake up during the night.   

Good nights sleep = ability to pay attention to detail, enthusiasm........

Weight Loss

Did you know that 75% of your weight loss progress has to do with the foods you are eating in your diet?


-   always start off your day by eating breakfast

-   eat every 2-3 hours to speed up metabolism

-   if you consume large portions, cut them in half and add more veggies/salad

-   drink plenty of water

-   limit alcohol, especially mixes and soft drinks

-   limit dining out and fast foods, even healthy options have hidden fats

-   keep a food journal

Benefits of weight loss include:

-   increased energy levels

-   decreases your risk of sudden death from heart disease or stroke

-   help you sleep better and wake more rested

-   improved mobility

-   reduced aches and pains

-   prevention of type 2 diabetes

Increased muscle mass:

The higher muscle mass, the easier to lose weight and more importantly, keep it off long term.

Did you know that 1 hour of kickboxing training will burn up to 700 calories? 


Thinking more long-term, if you have a fit and healthy workforce then you are likely to see a reduction in the number of sick days. You reduce the risk of work-related injuries, which again reduces the risk of sustained redundancies and potential compensation claims.  


Contact Tonia today to discuss a tailor made corporate fitness program to assist your company to improve the fitness of your employees and to help to position team building activities, which are the essence of any successful corporation.



Fitness Ring is committed to providing a safe and healthy fitness training environment for all of you that train with us.

With this in mind, please be aware that all Fitness Ring clients will be required to bring along their own personal set of boxing gloves and wraps for all training classes.  This includes those attending free introductory classes.

Those attendees that don't own such essential equipment may take advantage of purchasing these boxing accessories from Fitness Ring's store conveniently located within our boxing studio.

Fitness Ring store has a good selection of boxing equipment with all budgets catered for. Please talk to Tonia or Nick for guidance on your choice of boxing equipment.

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